The UK logistics sector is growing drastically and has become an integral part of the UK economy. The demand for professional courier services and haulage services is always quite high. There are numerous companies scattered all over the UK looking for effective shipment and delivery solutions which will help them thrive in the future.

Instead of choosing any random company offering haulage services, check the type of services they provide. Supply main management, order fulfilment, warehousing and goods distribution being few of them. If you are confused about whether you should opt for haulage services or courier services, know the difference between them.

Are Haulage And Courier Services Same?

Though there are a few business owners who think that haulage and courier services are the same, this is a myth which people should debunk if they are willing to make the most of the services. Just because the policy of both haulage and courier companies is the same, i.e., Carriage of Goods, it does not necessarily mean that they offer the same type of services. The services undertaken by haulage contractors are completely different from courier companies.

What Do Haulage Contractors Do?

The primary responsibility of haulage contractors is to distribute goods on a regular basis to specific contractors. They know what type of goods they are loading and transporting as their appointments are pre-booked. The type and size of goods they generally carry are on a larger scale. They have to transport palletized goods and containers. Since the size of the goods they are transporting is big, huge vehicles are used to transport those.

What Do Courier Companies Do?

Courier companies, on the other hand, don’t work on specific contracts. Any business can approach them and hire their contractors to fulfil their parcel delivery needs. Since they don’t have permanent customers, they have to bring business by advertising their services. They transport one-off items.

The primary difference between courier companies and haulage contractors is that the size of the goods transported by the former is always smaller. Moreover, the courier company are generally not aware of the type of goods they are transporting as anyone can contact them with their delivery needs.

Unique Features Of Their Services

Courier companies have to provide delivery services all over the world depending on the needs of the company approaching them. There are numerous registered courier companies scattered all over the UK. Some of them even provide same day or next day delivery services. If you have some urgent delivery requirements and the size of the goods is comparatively small, opt for courier services. But if you want to deliver some large and heavy goods, get in touch with haulage companies. They don’t make multiple stops like courier companies. Haulage insurance is also more expensive as they take better care of your goods.

Since you now know the differences between haulage companies and courier companies, it’s time you choose one and approach an experienced company offering the service in the UK.